Relationship to the Environment

Relationship to the Environment

Comparison of the environmental impact of a seven-day hospital stay for one adult male

We want to contribute to improving the global environment through the widespread use of hospitalization support sets.
Comparing the amount of electricity and water required for laundry done at home versus laundry done at a linen supply factory (for hospitalization support sets), the latter results in a significant reduction in both electricity and water per piece of clothing or towel because it involves bulk washing and drying,

Further, our partner linen supply companies use equipment and facilities designed with the global and local environments in mind. These feature automation and labor-saving technology, fuel reduction through the utilization of waste heat, wastewater recycling, and wastewater filtration.

*The figures for a household are based on washing and drying three times (in seven days) using the latest drum-type washer/dryer from a popular home appliance manufacturer. The figures for a linen supply factory are based on the average amount of clothing and towels (three hospital gowns, three bath towels, and seven face towels) required for an adult male to be hospitalized for seven days.