Message from the CEO and COO

  • Since its founding in 1995, Elan has been working to resolve issues the world faces and create a more spiritually rich living environment. From selling bedding in our early years to our current CS Set service, we have continuously evolved our operations by creating new businesses to meet the needs of our customers and everyone else involved.

    Japan’s population is expected to continue aging faster than any other country’s, creating even more serious issues from on now. I believe that Elan’s mission is to quickly identify and address new issues that come to light as the population ages. I think we can safely assume that issues first experienced in Japan will be experienced all over the world in the future, and I am confident that Elan has a significant role to play in this respect.

  • Chairman and CEO

    Hideharu Sakurai

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a change in awareness of infectious diseases and a substantial shift in people’s lifestyles. The digitalization of various fields is also transforming the way companies conduct business. The healthcare field is no exception and. In addition to major innovations such as online medical examinations, robotics, and the use of AI, I sense that customer feedback is also changing daily.

    To respond to our customers’ diversifying needs, Elan will work to further develop its unique corporate culture and create services with a human touch that allow users to feel the warmth of mankind. We will leverage IT and other new capabilities while cherishing the win–win–win spirit that has been our philosophy since founding, and we will work to create a sustainable and better society, in Japan and around the world.

  • President and COO

    Tomohiro Minezaki