Company History

  • Feb. 1995

    ELAN Ltd. established in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, for the purpose of selling bedding

  • Jun. 2001

    Head office relocated to Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, to expand bedding recycling business

  • May 2003

    Launched CS Set services (Nursing care business)

  • Apr. 2005

    Started hiring new graduates (first batch of new graduates joined the company)

  • Dec. 2006

    Reconcentrated management resources from bedding recycling business to nursing care business

  • Nov. 2014

    Listed on the Mothers Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • Nov. 2015

    Changed listing to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • Dec. 2016

    Achieved 10th consecutive year of sales and profit growth

  • Sep. 2018

    Established ELAN Service Corporation, which specializes in individual billing and customer support, to strengthen customer service

  • Nov. 2018

    Signed a stock subscription agreement with Boston Ivy Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India)

  • Mar. 2019

    Number of facilities using CS Set achieved 1,000
    Held a commemorative gift campaign for facilities that had introduced CS Set
    to celebrate the milestone

    (Click here for photos of the reception of a letter of appreciation)

  • Feb. 2020

    Introduced executive officer system

  • Mar. 2020

    Capital and business alliance with Classico Co., Ltd., a developer of well-designed lab coats and other products
    Became a Company with an Audit & Supervisory Committee
    Appointed first female director

  • Dec. 2020

    Certified as an “Eruboshi” company

  • Feb. 2021

    Invested in Quick Smart Wash Pvt. Ltd. (India)

  • Mar. 2021

    Certified as a “Kurumin” company

  • Apr. 2021

    Established Ryukyu ELAN Corporation to develop CS Set and other healthcare-related businesses in Okinawa Prefecture

  • Nov. 2021

    Achieved deployment of CS Set in 47 prefectures nationwide

  • Mar. 2022

    Transitioned to a two-person representative director structure

  • Apr. 2022

    Changed listing to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • Sep. 2022

    Number of facilities using CS Set achieved 2,000

  • Jan. 2023

    Established ELAN COULEUR Corporation, which provides opportunities for people with disabilities to play an active role according to their individual characteristics

  • Aug. 2023

    ELAN COULEUR Corporation has been certified as a special subsidiary company

  • Nov. 2023

    Established ELAN LOGISTICS Corporation for the purpose of strengthening logistics functions

  • Nov. 2023

    Invested in AKAL Information Systems Ltd. (India)