For the customer

Customer Service Philosophy

Message from the President and COO:

Elan and its group companies are committed to providing the best products and services as we seek to satisfy our customers and enrich their lives.

We aim to maintain customer trust not only by providing safe and reliable products and services but also by ensuring relevant and appropriate customer communications.

We have established the Basic Policy on Customer Satisfaction, under which all employees passionately serve customers to make them fully satisfied.

We have also created the Action Guidelines for the Customer Service Office. We will ensure that all staff in the customer service office follow these guidelines.

We will act in accordance with the Basic Policy on Customer Satisfaction and the Action Guidelines for the Customer Service Office to satisfy our customers and enrich their lives.

President and COO

Tomohiro Minezaki


On November 24, 2023, ELAN Corporation announced its compliance with the international standard ISO 10002 (Quality management—Customer satisfaction—Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations).

We will continue to listen to the voice of customers, be attentive to their needs and wishes, and promote initiatives aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction.

An international standard for complaints management systems established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in July 2004, ISO 10002 provides organizations with guidelines for establishing and operating complaints handling processes.

Basic Policyon Customer Satisfaction

Our management principle is to satisfy customers and enrich their lives. We will uphold this principle by valuing the opinions of our customers, always thinking from their perspective, and reflecting their views in our corporate activities as the Elan Group.

We will gain customer trust by providing products and services that are safe and reliable.

Objective of the Customer Service Office

Envisioning the future with our customers

We receive many comments from customers on a daily basis. We take their words of appreciation as encouragement, and their criticism as a warning. We will continue to listen to various comments from customers, heed their opinions, and further enhance our services. The future we envision is not something we will create on our own. We will work with our customers to create a future with an enriching living environment.

Action Guidelines for the Customer Service Office

  • We take customer opinions seriously and always handle inquiries in a courteous manner.
  • We strive to serve customers promptly, fairly, and impartially.
  • We comply with relevant laws, regulations, and internal rules to protect the rights of customers.
  • We provide valuable information to our customers.
  • We provide reliable services by sharing customer feedback internally.