ELAN Credo

The “Elan Credo”

Our Credo


A-T-G. is our most important ethos. It calls for us to do all work cheerfully (“akaruku”), happily (“tanoshiku”), and energetically (“genkiyoku”).

Sometimes work can be difficult, but with the A-T-G mindset, we will not look for reasons why we can’t do something, but rather think, “If I’m going to do it anyway, I should enjoy it! Let’s find a way to make it fun!” We can change the situation into a positive one ourselves, and take the first step forward without giving up.


At Elan, we place great importance on thinking of mutually beneficial situations that benefit both ourselves and the other parties.

We also place great importance on thinking about achieving “Win-Win-Win,” rather than simply “Win-Win,” situations. This is because we believe that it is difficult to maintain a balanced relationship if you are only thinking about yourself and the other party and not about someone else who is sure to be around you. We value a way of working in which everyone balances each other and everyone “wins.”

Work We Are Excited About

At Elan, we do not believe in simply doing what we are told, but value transforming our duties into exciting work that we want to do ourselves.

When we adopt the A-T-G mindset and start asking ourselves how we can make our work more enjoyable, it brings out our unique abilities and transforms work into something more positive and enjoyable. At Elan, we value the attitude of changing our thinking about work from it being our duty, to its being something to get excited about.

Value Structure